School's Out is an approved service provider and Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) can be claimed by parents to reduce fees. Did you know that almost all families and guardians are eligible for Child Care Rebate.

The Australian Government provides families with two types of financial assistance to help cover the costs of approved child care – the Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate. Although Child Care Benefit is based on family income, the Child Care Rebate is not income tested. Even if your family income is too high to receive the Child Care Benefit, you may be eligible for Child Care Rebate. The Child Care Rebate covers up to 50 percent of out-of-pocket costs, up to $7500 per child, per year.

  • Schools Out Queanbeyan West Before and after school care, Morton St, Queanbeyan
  • Schools Out Queanbeyan Public Before and after school care, Isabella street, Queanbeyan
  • Schools out holiday care at Queanbeyan Public, Isabella street, Queanbeyan


Our experience with School’s Out has been excellent, we have been using School’s Outs After School Care at Queanbeyan West Schools for about 4 years now and this year we have also started the before school care with 2 of our children. Our children love going to both as they enjoy the othe..  

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We are currently seeking experienced staff. If you have a certificate 3,4 or Diploma please send your CV and short email to



Welcome to Schools Out

The concept of School's Out is an exciting one that began in Canberra in 1994 as a vacation/holiday care program. Over the years School's Out has grown in stature and has provided numerous enjoyable programs for children during holidays and also in before and after school care centres.

Working with children can be a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable experience. At School's Out the philosophy is that children are a gift and should always be treated with dignity, respect and kindness. We strongly promote respect, tolerance, sportsmanship, social and personal development, positive friendships and of course fun!

School's Out services operate a program that is well planned, structured, safe, interesting for children, employs quality staff and conveys an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. Children will respond to such planning and atmosphere and enjoy their experience and hopefully look forward to attending.

School's Out services are committed to also providing a quality service where:

  • The children's physical, emotional and social needs are met in a safe, caring and supportive environment.
  • Programs are designed to care to the children's age, skill, interests and abilities through a variety of challenging and recreational activities.
  • Children, parent/carers and staff are treated with respect and their individual uniqueness is acknowledged and valued.
  • The service encourages parent/carer and community participation. It welcomes open discussion on all issues relevant to the service's operation. Parents are invited to give feedback and contribute to the life of the School's Out service

The School's Out philosophy also strongly promotes health and fitness amongst children. In an age of computer entertainment and increasing obesity levels in children participation in sport activities and specialised coaching clinics in both vacation care and before and after school care is integrated into our program and has proven highly successful and popular with children and parents alike. This has been reflected in the growth of School's Out over the years.